Here's why you'll love ReppedBy

Centralized Hub for New Submissions

Save countless hours by having all submissions from potential new clients housed in one, easy to navigate, centralized location.

Ghost Accounts with One-Way Communication

No more unsolicited emails or hardcopies to open. Log in when you choose and scout on your own accord. Reach out only to those who you feel would be the right fit.

Never Miss a Rising Talent

ReppedBy's platform allows talent to build one package and send to all agencies with one click of a button, so you'll always know who's currently in need of new representation.

Free for your entire team.

Whether you're a team of 1 or 100, enjoy all of ReppedBy's features for free with no expiration date.

Sorted Chronologically

View the most recent submissions first. All packages are date-stamped and presented chronologically so you'll always know how fresh each submission is.

Earmark Talent

Organization's a breeze with ReppedBy. Simply star any submission that piques your interest and the package will automatically be added to a separate folder.

View Headshots, Resumes, and Reels
All in One Place

Just a click of a button allows you to view an entire portfolio. Stream demo reels in HD, view additional photos, and check out your potential client's most recent projects.